How to Get My Ex Back When She Has Moved On

Don’t Give Up… It Doesn’t Mean She’s Over You…

Author: +Freddie Cook

couples0061HELP!… I’m dying here!

…Your girlfriend has moved on without you but you still want her back…

Most guys make it really difficult for themselves and do everything wrong, then they panic because they can see her moving on without them.

But… just because she’s moved on, possibly with someone else, doesn’t mean that’s the end. So, give yourself the best chance of success and get that second chance with your ex you’re looking for…

I know it’s heart wrenching… you still want her back but she seems to have moved on without you…

I’m also fairly certain you are not sure exactly what to do or where to turn for help, because up till now, everything you’ve tried has failed to change her mind…


… so far, you’ve most likely been just the same as most other guys and made it really difficult by doing everything wrong.

Don’t blame yourself for that, it’s natural, trying all the obvious, but desperate, tactics will fail, because they are simply the wrong techniques to use.

Here’s a bit of good news, just because she’s moved on, even if it’s with someone else, doesn’t mean that’s the end. There are less obvious and much less desperate methods you can use…

If you did something that caused her to jump ship, don’t be put off. Almost anything you did can be resolved… all it takes is the right technique or method… And remember, even time and distance can be to your advantage. If you truly love her… stick with it…

Here are a few tips to help you get your ex girlfriend back, even if she has moved on to another man and no longer appears interested in you. Relationship breakups don’t have to be permanent.

Be Convincing

seductionThe first step to getting the girl of your dreams back is finding a way to connect with her again, you will need to convince her that she still wants you, and not just as a friend…

You want to avoid that “friendship zone” completely. If you’re already in that zone, then you need to learn how to get out of it.

Unless she really has no feelings for you, or you did something really unforgivable, then you have a number of options open to you.

You might also want to consider that your ex girlfriend may want you back, but for one reason or another isn’t making it very obvious. They may fear rejection, or being hurt again.

Be Friendly

One of the best things that you can do at this time is to simply be her friend. You still love your ex girlfriend so be the best friend to her that you possibly can, showing her that you understand and care, and that you can be in her company without creating any drama. But… be careful, you don’t want to stay as ‘just friends’…

Demonstrate to her that you can have fun and have a healthy friendship with her. When all the emotional displays have subsided, she may realize that she wants you back again.

Be Tantalizing

Whenever you have any contact with your ex girlfriend, be calm and be kind to her, but you will also want to be a little hard to get. You are going to want her to want you, but you’re also going to need her to want your relationship breakup rescued.

It can be much too easy just being good friends, she may decide to stay within her comfort zone, not exactly the second chance you had in mind.

Don’t let this happen, so make her feel that she cannot have you just yet. You want to give a slight air of hard to get, making her more interested in you in the process.

You could, of course, rekindle all the passion and desire she once had… and give her a nudge in the right direction at the same time.

Be Popular

You should be playing a little bit hard to get, but don’t overdo it, you also want to make sure that she knows that you are available. Get out and about with your friends and family, you might even try a little flirting, because a little bit of jealousy never hurt anyone.

But, be careful, you don’t want her to think that you are unavailable, she probably won’t come running after you. Being popular can help regain the interest of your ex and reverse your relationship breakup.

Be Cool

Appearing needy or desperate is a big turn off for most people, Confidence and happiness is what you really want to be showing, especially if you want to get her back in the shortest time.

By playing things cool to get your ex girlfriend back, you are letting her know that you are alright with the breakup, and that you are willing to move on.

This is a much better tactic than acting desperate. If you want everything to work out then avoid being clingy and play it cool.

Be Clever

Another really good thing to do is reminding her of some of the best times that you spent together. Reminiscing can help to rekindle some of her lost feelings.

These good memories will help to remind her of how good the two of you were as a couple. Let the bad memories stay in the past, don’t bring them up at all, they’ll do you no good. Recalling your good times and avoiding your bad times is always a good tactic to get your ex back.

Now, This Is How to Get My Ex Back When She Has Moved On

Taking action is the most important part of getting your ex back.

Do nothing and nothing will ever change…

Here’s an explanation of the best action you need to take to get your ex back again… and turn the whole experience into fun while you do it…

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