How To Tell If Your Ex Is Still Interested…

back with your ex againYou’re about to find out why these “24 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back” will make you question everything. . .

If your ex is having second thoughts, there will be signs your relationship is not over and your ex does want you back.

“So, what are these signs and why haven’t I seen them?”

The signals your ex is giving you are hard to spot if you don’t know what to look for.

But they’re not difficult to spot once you know them. And, if it wasn’t for the torment of your breakup, you may even have recognized some of them all on your own.

Your breakup is distracting you. The pain it causes is not easy to ignore and can be so devastating that it plays tricks with your mind.

Your foremost thoughts becoming those of your ex or your breakup itself. . . which is hard to shake.

Breakups don’t just cause pain and anguish, they also cause lots of questions. . .

What you should have done and didn’t.

What you did and shouldn’t have. . .

The Questions About Your Breakup Can Be Relentless

Questions go round your head in circles. You end up confused, possibly feeling guilt and worn out. It’s no wonder that, at times, you convince yourself your ex does want to rekindle your relationship. (see psychology to get your ex back .)

If you really do want a reconciliation then it’s very easy to pick up on every little piece of information and turn it into hints, or signs your ex is still in love with you and wants you back again.

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But do they want you back?

Is it just wishful thinking?

Or, maybe you don’t want another chance with your ex, but you do want to know if your ex is thinking about you and if they want to re-ignite your flames of passion all over again. . . Knowing this information will help you handle your situation whenever you ‘bump’ into each other. . .

. . . whatever your reason, you need to know what to look for. . . those elusive signs that your ex wants you back and they’re still into you. . .

There Are Signs To Help You Decide

Wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure if they still loved you. . . still wanted you in their life?

Just remember, breakups do funny things to people. Sometimes it brings on feelings of guilt and at other times. . . regret.

Yes. . . sometimes they realize a mistake has been made and the breakup should never have happened.

Okay, here they are. . . The 24 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Here, in no particular order, is a list of 24 signs to look out for that will help you discover if your ex really does want you back. Obviously, the more of these that apply to you and your own circumstances, the more likely it is that your ex does want a reconciliation and have you back in their arms once again.

  • My ex makes every effort to reach out to me through mutual friends.
  • Friends and family can be very supportive and helpful when life is letting you down. When your relationship goes sour, it’s normal to look to friends and relations for comfort, advice and even just as a distraction. Your ex might also be aware of this and use it for their own advantage.

  • My ex tries to impress me. . . any way they know how
  • Perhaps they are putting more effort into their appearance, or just trying to be noticed in general. If your ex is trying hard to reconnect with you then an attempt to impress you is to be expected, it’s so natural they may not even be aware they’re doing it.

  • My ex keeps looking at me, or I catch my ex staring at me.
  • We humans are hard wired to stare at anything we find attractive, that may be the reason your ex is staring at you. Simple, but possible. They may also be trying to let you know they are still interested without risking rejection. I wrote a post titled “Why Does My Ex Stare At Me?” which goes into greater detail.

  • My ex gives me undivided attention when I am talking.
  • This is a dead give-away, your ex is still hooked on you. . . unless they are simply being polite, do they give their full attention to everyone when they are in conversation?

  • My ex looks at me the same way as when we first met.
  • Hopefully, with adoration and excitement in their eyes. If that’s the case, then you don’t have to read any further, your ex is still yours.

  • My ex moves the conversation to how things could have been better.
  • This one shows that your relationship together is still on their mind. They are still questioning the cause of your breakup, and possibly still looking for solutions to your mutual problems.

  • My ex is reminiscing about the old times, with me or my friends
  • Another give-away. . . your ex is trying to stir up old feelings between you both. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to get back together again. I wrote a post titled “Why Does My Ex Reminisce With Me?” which goes into greater detail.

  • My ex is trying to find out if I am dating someone new
  • Be careful with this one, they could be inquiring about your current status for a few different reasons, not all of them good ones.

  • My ex does a lot of little things to be near me.
  • This could be in person or on the phone. It may also be short emails or text messages. Your ex is trying to stay close to you, but once again, there could be many reasons for doing so. You would need a few more of these signs before you could draw any real conclusions.

  • My ex is often trying to help me in small ways.
  • This one is subtly different to the last one. . . you would also need some more signs to be sure, but the reason they’ve chosen to be thoughtful and helpful is a good sign.

  • My ex tries to contact me for no particular reason, or to find out how I am.
  • This will depend on how often they do this. The more frequent this kind of contact is, the more interested they are in you. If it just happens occasionally, they are most likely happy with their current situation and have no ulterior motives.

  • My ex is always in places where I seem to be.
  • If it’s natural, or common, for your ex to be in these places then don’t read too much into it, it may have nothing to do with you being there at all. It’s more likely that you are the reason if your ex is popping up in places you wouldn’t expect them to. A little judgement is needed here, along with a few more of these signs being positive before you could draw any meaningful conclusions.

  • My ex mentions to friends that they have no interest in a new relationship.
  • This could be very positive, your ex may not want to jeopardize any possible reconciliation with you by dating other people. They want to appear available to you. On the other hand, your breakup may have hurt them badly and they are in no rush to repeat the experience. You should only look on this sign in the context of the rest of the signs. The more that are positive, the more positive this one is.

  • My ex is very touchy feely when they are with me.
  • Is your ex just a natural touchy feely person? Are they that way with everyone?. . . If not then they are showing real signs of affection and possibly expectation. The question then becomes, are they looking to rekindle your relationship or just using you in some temporary way? – Perhaps they’re just between relationships.

  • My ex greatly explains themselves when it seems they’ve done something to upset me.
  • They are not comfortable with you being upset. This shows that they, at the very least, still care about you.

  • My ex has bought me an expensive gift since my breakup. . .
  • . . . or maybe a few inexpensive ones. Your ex is trying to stay close to you and making an effort to be on your good side. It is, after all, a show of affection.

  • My ex has become much more agreeable or attentive since our breakup
  • If you were having a bad time together before your breakup then this change in your ex may simply be them getting back to normal. This can be a natural reaction, once you’re both away from any arguing or fighting, it allows all the bad emotions to subside and with time, they lose their intensity. On the other hand, maybe your ex is making a real effort to avoid any nastiness and trying their best to get on good terms with you.

  • My ex lets me or my friends know that they would like to have done things differently
  • This is one of those signs your ex wants you back that can be quite subtle. It can be a hint that they have been thinking about your relationship and why things went wrong. They may even be trying to let you know they want a reconciliation and, in a safe way, encourage you to think along those same lines.

  • My ex flirts with me.
  • Flirting with you is a double edged sword. Your ex may just be trying to use you, or they may be trying to re-ignite the flames of passion with a view to get back together. I wrote a post titled “Why Does My Ex Flirt With Me?” It goes into detail about the possible reasons and intentions your ex may have.

  • My ex shows signs of nervousness around me.
  • . . .especially when we are alone together. Your ex may be showing signs of nervousness because they really desire to get back with you and are not sure how to go about it or take the risk of telling you. It’s also possible they don’t trust you and expect you to make a scene or just make them feel awkward or guilty or. . . whatever.

  • My ex goes out of their way to spend time with me when I really need them
  • They are thinking of you, they want to help you, they want to please you. Is it out of love. . . or out of guilt? You are best placed to decide which.

  • My ex talks of the future as if I am in it.
  • This one is usually unintentional. But, it betrays their thoughts. If this really is how they are thinking of their future (ie, with you) then their intentions are clearly to get back together again.

  • My ex invites me out, perhaps with other friends, or to dinner, or the zoo, etc.
  • Your ex is trying to rekindle your relationship. Although it’s not clear how far they wish to rekindle things, it’s clearly an invitation to get closer again.

  • My ex slips up sometimes and says they love me. . .
  • . . . they seem not to have noticed they have said it, or said it in a playful way. This is one of those “safe” ways of hinting that they want you back. It’s rarely just a slip up that can be shrugged off, although they will use that excuse should you have the wrong reaction.

Using This Information

Now you know these signs to look out for there are five other ones you really need in order to really understand if your ex is still interested in you.

Some of these signs are sneaky and not quite the normal things you’d think of.

In fact, a lot of them are completely unconscious.

Your ex might not even know they’re giving you these signs.

But no matter what they say to you, they simply CANNOT lie about these things.

And if you keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, you just might notice you still have a chance with your ex. . .

But, it’s important to remember your ex is also going through your breakup. They are as confused as you are, and will be questioning what happened and why it happened. This often makes them behave erratically.

They may also be giving you positive signs one minute and then turn back to treating you cool the next. They may even come right out and tell you they want to get back together, only to start ignoring you all over again.

Don’t let this confusing and hurtful behavior mess with your head. The chances are that your ex isn’t meaning to be like this. They are simply unsure of what they really want. It’s probably just too soon and your ex needs a bit more time to sort themselves out.

Put yourself first, your peace of mind and general happiness is much more important than reconciling with your ex.

And those other 5 signs?. . . watch the video. . .