5 Ways To Win Back The Love Of Your Life

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win back the love of your ex

You’d think from the title of this post that there were only 5 ways to win back the love of your life and fix a broken relationship, but that’s obviously not the case.

Not every relationship benefits from the same degree of emotion, understanding, knowledge or commitment between each couple involved.

Nor have they all endured for the same length of time.

If you are still with the love of your life, your marriage or relationship is still intact but if you believe the love has gone out of it then try How To Rebuild The Love , otherwise, if you’ve already broken up and you want to rekindle the love in your ex with a view to getting back together again, then the rest of this article will get you off to a flying start.

Relationships have two aspects that you can use to your advantage when you’re trying to patch things up.

Most people go straight to the first aspect, the differences that they are quarreling over.

They try to reconcile the problems that are keeping them apart.

Although this has to be done, once a breakup has already happened, it’s a better tactic to concentrate on the second aspect… what you have in common.

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In most broken relationships, certainly the ones that stand a chance of being fixed, there is a lot more that you will have in common, and the things your are in agreement about, than you have differences.

You see, differences are just that, we are all different, it keeps us interesting. Resolving your differences isn’t about changing each other so you become the same, it’s about compromise.

Compromise can only happen when there is a willingness to accept both sides as being valid. The best way of reaching that stage is to concentrate on the good parts of your relationship. The bits that allow your relationship to grow and draw you both closer together.

With that said, you should realize that you can get back together again , it is possible. Love is a very strong emotion, perhaps the strongest we ever experience, so when a relationship ends in a breakup, complete devastation can be the result.

But that kind of emotion is usually built on fear. The fear you won’t get back together again. Use your love, your confidence and your common sense to rebuild your relationship with your ex, you CAN do it.

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  1. Remember what I said above about concentrating on what’s good in your relationship and try and be friends with your ex. This means that you’ll have to give up any ideas you might have of trying to convince your ex that the breakup was a bad idea and that you should get back together.I know this is what you ultimately want, but it’s better if you let your ex come to this realization on their own. Instead you should accept your breakup and let your ex know that you’re comfortable with it.If your lost love can have confidence in you and be able to depend on you then you’ll be half way there because the lines of communication will be open and you can use this to your own advantage.
  2. Honesty is probably the most important criteria in any relationship, you have to be honest with yourself as well as your ex.As you have already broken up, then there were underlying problems, that you contributed to, in your relationship. If you’re serious about rekindling the love in your ex, then it’s essential that you discover what these problems are and find a solution for them. (see this video.)

    How To Win Back The Love

    To win back your lost love, you will have to demonstrate to your ex that you not only know what the problems you were guilty of were, but that you’ve addressed them and they will no longer come between you both.

  3. Remember when you were a couple, if you had a good relationship then you would have supported each other in times of anxiety or stress. Now that you’re trying to win back the love of your ex, it’s even more important than ever to continue encouraging and supporting your ex.If you can find out what is causing them stress or discouragement and cheer them up by being upbeat and supportive then you are re-enforcing their dependence on you in a nice, almost subtle, way.
  4. Don’t let any situation with your ex degenerate into arguments, do whatever it takes to keep these moments light-hearted and fun. Above all, listen.Even if your ex is complaining about your past behavior, listen and try and learn what really bugs them, but never let it turn into a fight or trading blame with each other.You want your ex to feel comfortable communicating with you and confident that there will be no conflict.

    If they share their problems with you then be encouraging, don’t try and offer any solutions, just be a good listener.

  5. Last, but by no means least, enjoy yourself. Do this by taking a full part in your own life, don’t just sit around waiting for your ex. Let them see that you are willing to get on with things whether they are there or not.Don’t give up on fixing your relationship unless you decide that is what you really want, but also don’t put your life on hold waiting for your ex to come back, that will not help you in the slightest.

If you want to win back the love of your ex, then you have to take these five breakup advice tips to heart. You have to be proactive.

The most important thing is to really care about your ex and to show them that you do care. You shouldn’t be worried if they date other people because they will come back to you if you handle thing right. Remember, you have intimate knowledge about your ex that no new date is going to have.

You know their likes and dislikes, their preferences, their interests and a whole host of other things, put this to your advantage and have it work for you. There are many other advantages you already have that you can also use to win back the love of your life.

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