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ex boyfriend back in your arms

In the Introduction To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back we spoke about using psychology to get him back forever.

We also spoke a bit about the best way to getting him back is to encourage him to chase you rather than you doing all the work. The reason being, if you give him all the power by letting HIM make the decisions, he’ll use it against you.

(If you’re stuck in the friend zone read that article and learn how to get out of it…)

Don’t ask him (or worse, beg him) to come back, it won’t work. . .

Don’t try to convince him to come back either. . .

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You Can’t Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back By Just Convincing Him To

He needs to come to that conclusion on his own… it’s a man thing… trust me.

And while we’re on the power thing, avoid – at all costs – even letting him think that he has ANY power over you. That’s a sign of weakness to guys, even if he doesn’t consciously realize that fact, his attitude will reflect it… and yes… it’s another man thing.

Some of the things that drive men seem really weird to women, the funny thing is… most guys don’t even notice it. They’ve simply no idea what drives them.

You might think this is a bad thing, but when you’re trying to get your guy back you can make it work in your favor. You can make him change his mind AND he won’t even notice you had anything to do with it.

Isn’t psychology wonderful?

Just Try Pressing His Buttons

The thing is, everyone – even you – has buttons that can be pressed by almost anyone. I’m sure someone in your past has got you angry by pressing one of your buttons… hmmm, there is no point in denying it.

Well, there just happens to be an awful lot of these triggers or buttons. They cover all sorts of different emotional responses from anger to love, curiosity to fear, almost every emotion you can think of has some form of trigger associated with it.

That’s the whole reason psychology works, and works well… if used correctly. (Watch this video)

So, dreaming about getting your ex boyfriend back is not enough if you want to succeed.

Using the normal methods to convince him isn’t the right way either.

Some clever psychology and a plan of action is what you really want.

But… is psychology the whole story?

Is it the only advantage you have?

Nope. Not when your aim is getting your ex boyfriend back ... forever .

So what are your chances? I mean, realistic chances?.

Chance of getting your ex boyfriend back in your arms again

Just think on this for a second, remember what it’s like when you really like the look of some guy and you’d like to get together.

For that to happen, he would have to be attracted to you as well. But… maybe you’re just not his type.

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Your ex boyfriend, on the other hand, you already know you’re exactly his type. Most of all, you know that he was – and maybe still is – attracted to you. And you already have the power, the right chemistry, to suck him back into your world.

After all, you managed it once already. So getting your ex boyfriend back in your arms again shouldn’t be too difficult.

You also have a history together, his wants and preferences. At least I’m sure you know the ones that are important even if you don’t know all of them.

So what exactly does he like? What does he find attractive? And, what turns him off?

Hmmm, where does that leave you now?

Well, let’s see. . .

. . .You’ve found out that there are psychological triggers that can be used in your favor. . .

. . .you have the chemical attraction that’s necessary to make him go week at the knees. . .

. . .and you have a history together which gives you an awful lot of knowledge that you can rely on.

Just maybe, you are now realizing, you have a MUCH better chance at getting him back forever than you thought you did…

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