Can I Make My Ex Want Me Back?

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make my ex want me back

Platitudes are great, aren’t they? You can just drop them into conversations almost at will. Sometimes just for fun, but sometimes the intentions are good and actually mean to help or comfort someone.

Well… here’s one that is used very often just after a breakup has been announced and the tears are flowing.

“Time is a great healer!”

How many times have you heard that one?

The truth is, if you want your ex to want you back after your relationship breakup, then you have to let time do a wee bit of healing.

Notice that I didn’t say, “if you want your ex back.” I said, “if you want YOUR EX TO WANT YOU back.” That’s the desire that a wee bit of time apart can accomplish. (watch this video.)

If you don’t allow this time apart, then the emotions built up by both of you will get in the way. Staying calm, cool and collected is what you are aiming for, especially whenever you have any contact with your ex.

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Breakups cause extremely high emotions between you both so getting your emotions under control and allowing time to diminish the cause of your breakup is essential.

You also have to stop trying to get your ex back by intuition alone.

Your instincts are telling you not to let too much distance come between you both, so you probably pester them by texting them, calling them, or ‘bumping’ into them at every opportunity (texting can work if done right.)

This is very common and is entirely the wrong way to go about it.

Never chase your ex, it makes you appear needy and clingy, this is not an attractive way to present yourself, and it will, more than likely, have the opposite effect and make them avoid you all together.

Besides, rekindling your love is all about attraction, so you’ll want to be as attractive as possible to succeed.

Never beg forgiveness, even if the breakup was your fault. Never beg to be taken back either.

Begging has the same effect as chasing only it is even less attractive, it will drive your ex further away and portrays you not only as needy and clingy, but weak as well. This should be avoided at all costs.

If your ex has asked for some space… then give it to them.

They are either feeling smothered by you or they are just making an excuse not to be with you.

Either way give them the space they have asked for, it really is an effective strategy to getting your ex back in any case, and as I said above, it’s something you really need to do in order to calm things down.

Don’t contact them, allow them to initiate contact with you.

If you have a good reason to contact your ex, then do so, but limit it to good reasons that really do demand contact, not just because you want to see or call them.

Whenever you do have contact, don’t show any aggression at all, do not bring up the past, if they do, change the subject, you do not want any confrontation, it will just reinforce the reasons for the breakup.

Always appear to be emotionally strong and coping with your broken relationship.

The more that you appear to be coping well with your breakup and without your ex, the more they will become interested in you again, it may seem contrary to what you want to do, but it really does work.

This is one tactic that is never wrong, it never chases them further away and it makes communication between you both more pleasant and less likely to be avoided by your ex, leaving the way open for more frequent contact.

The Way To Make My Ex Want Me Back

Well, there you have it. “Can I make my ex want me back?” Yes, if you go about it the correct way.

Time and space, your best friends while you are going through this hurtful episode in your relationship, these are only the beginning tactics though, visit – this post – and get some more tried and trusted methods, a complete plan of action.

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