Fix Your Breakup Using Deep Psychological Triggers

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Is Getting Your Ex Back Simple Or Complicated?

Fix Your Breakup Using Deep Psychological Triggers

Some breakups can be quite complex to deal with while others can be relatively simple, and the way I look at it is; the less amount of people involved, the simpler it becomes.

If it’s just the two of you, the simplest one of all, is usually also the quickest and easiest to fix.

If either of you have family and friends that didn’t support your relationship, for whatever reason, then it makes getting back together a tougher problem.

Also, if there was (possibly still is) a third person romantically involved with either of you, that creates complications as well.

I know that even when nobody else is involved your circumstances can still be complex.

Broken relationships tend to be complicated in their own right, but as you’ll come to realize. . . relationship problems can be fixed! (watch this video!)

It’s the outside influences that can be hard to deal with.

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My Ex Has A New Lover

When your ex has formed a new relationship, especially if it happened soon after your breakup, then overcoming that is a much bigger problem to deal with. You’ll panic. . . you’ll feel overwhelmed. . .

. . . It looks like all their love and desire is now directed at this new person in their life, all that love and passion that used to belong to you. . . and you don’t know what to do.

Is it even possible to compete with that, overcome all the excitement and emotions generated by a new relationship?

Well, that depends on you. . .

If you just give up and resign yourself to being unable to come up with an answer then no, you can’t compete.

But, on the other hand, if you are willing to take a step back and think about how relationships work. . .

How love works. . .

And the way attraction works, then finding a solution becomes very possible.

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Relationships and Love

You need to look at things a little differently. . . Get Your Ex Back - A Little Psychology Helps .

If you think about love for a minute, let’s say you become a parent – this new child get’s ALL your love and attention.

. . . Or does it?

Don’t you still love your partner, your own parents, brothers and sisters?

And what happens if you have another child, does all the love for your first child get transferred to the latest one?

Obviously not. . .

. . . It simply doesn’t work that way. We don’t have a fixed amount of love to pass around all the people we have affection for.

So how does this affect you and your ex?

Well. . . your ex HASN’T transferred their emotions from you to this other person!

What your ex feels for each of you is entirely separate.

Sure, they may be suppressing their feelings for you.

Trying to bury them deeply so they don’t have to deal with them or feel guilty about changing the FOCUS of their affection away from you.

But that doesn’t mean they no longer have those feelings for you.

Rekindling The Attraction In Your Ex

What your ex HAS transferred is their sexual attraction.

That hormonal response that someone you really fancy triggers every time you see them, or even just think about them.

It’s this sexual attraction your ex has for their new boyfriend or girlfriend that you are really fighting.

Not their lack of feelings for you.

Tackling this problem is where our old friend psychology comes in to play.

It’s all to do with the mind. . .The same psychological triggers that caused your ex to fall for someone else can be used to refocus their attraction back on you Click To Tweet

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The Power Of Deep Psychological Triggers

Those hormonal responses have deep psychological triggers. . . and we have no control over them once they’ve been triggered.

However, we can control them in others. We know what these triggers are and. . . how to fire them.

The same psychological triggers that caused your ex to fall for someone else can be used to focus their attraction back on you again. It’s the same triggers that caused your attractions for each other in the first place.

But there is much more that psychology can offer. . . for instance, ways to make your ex want to contact YOU.

The right psychology can change emotions!

Think how powerful a simple thing like curiosity can be, just look at advertising, they’ve been using psychology to influence us for decades. . . and guess what?. . . they use psychology because IT WORKS!

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