Forgiveness And Getting Back With Your Ex

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forgiveness and getting back with your ex

Not everything in life is meant to last. Nor is everything in life meant to be easy. Some relationships are simply not meant to be and should be broken up. However, some relationships are worth fighting for… even if they are broken at present.

But getting back with your ex and restoring the passion is an incredibly difficult thing to do because feelings have been hurt and hearts broken. What can make it worse, is that there are probably very unrealistic expectations of what you both want from each other mixed in with all those confusing feelings.

The thing to realize is that you are both normal human beings and therefore you both made mistakes. Not only that, but it should be understood that both of you are going to continue to make mistakes.

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Forgiving Each Other

It’s all part of your relationship experience and you’re both going to have to find ways of resolving your differences.

The reason you are apart is because there were errors made by both of you. As much as you would like to believe the opposite, neither one of you is perfect and are, actually, quite far from it. Reconciling with your ex means coming to terms with this.

Most people find it easier to find fault with their partner than to try and discover their own faults.

You have to look closely and see what it was that you did that contributed to your breakup. You have to own up to your part in the ending of your relationship.

You have to recognize and admit your own mistakes.

You can’t hide them or cover them up.

You can’t make excuses for them or sugar coat them.

You can’t pretend they aren’t there.

If you do any of these things you will prevent your reconciliation efforts from succeeding.

Forgive Instead of Accuse

Pointing fingers is what caused your split to happen in the first place. And forgiveness has nothing to do with playing the blame game.

Accusations are not going to help you get back with your ex. You have to be able to forgive AND forget. That applies to both of you.

If you can demonstrate to your ex that you are willing to own up to your own faults, and try and do something to correct them, then you’ll not only be in a better place for reconcilliation, you will also be encouraging them to do likewise and own up to their mistakes.

If you truly want to recapture your love together then you will want to feel special to each other. You will not feel special if you get treated like trash for your past mistakes. Neither will your ex if you treat them that way.

They have to see from you that they are special enough to look past their faults.

Isn’t that what you want? To know that even with all your faults they still love you?

What greater way is there than to show that to the person you want to be with? There is no other thing that is going to help them feel truly special.

It doesn’t excuse mistakes but it says that what you have together is bigger and better than what it was that tore you apart. Getting back with your ex means realizing each other’s humanity and loving each other anyway.

Getting Back Together

Once you can both admit your own mistakes to each other, you can start rebuilding your relationship together again. One that will be stronger and in a better position to last.

You now know what needs to be done. But how do you get things to that stage?

You need to know how to handle your present situation with your ex.

You need to know how to initiate contact with your ex.

Now. . . all you need is a plan. . .

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Getting back with your ex doesn't have to be difficult!