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Been Dumped? Get Your Ex Back Psychology Gives You An Advantage

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When you’re trying to get your ex back a little psychology helps in a big way… but only if you use it correctly. So, if you heard about a psychological advantage that you already have over your ex that could force them to think about you as much you think about them, would you be interested in discovering more about it and the right way to use it?

Yes, I’m sure you would.

Okay then, lets begin. But first, if you want to really understand this get your ex back psychology (hint: it affects their emotions) AND be able to use these psychological triggers to your own advantage, don’t just skim over it, read it all… It’ll help you get your head straight, get your breakup fixed… and ENJOY doing it…

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The Moment Of Your Breakup

It’s happened. You can feel the space between you growing. Your heart has leaped to the bottom of your throat. You instinctively know what’s coming next… You don’t want it to, but you can’t stop it… the one you love says…

“It’s not you…”

“We’re breaking up…”

“I don’t love you anymore…”

“I’m leaving you…”

Whatever well worn platitude they start off with doesn’t matter, you know exactly what the rest is going to be, and how it’s going to end.

You don’t know what to feel.

You don’t know what to think.

So many thoughts start jumping around in your head, all at the same time. Confusion has taken over and all you can think of saying is…

Well, the truth is, it doesn’t really matter what you say or do next. They are now your ex, and they’ve already made up their mind. In their own head they have already moved on. They moved on before they even told you it was over. They are ready to counter whatever you come up with.

They’ve planned ahead.

They’re in control.

But you’re not. You’re ready to panic. Because you are unprepared you don’t know how to react in your own best interest. Confusion reigns. Your whole world ends.

Turn The Tables On Your Ex

Your ex has left you sore, beaten and… confused.

But now is not the time to be confused. It’s now, more than ever, that you need a clear head.

Your world hasn’t ended. It just feels like it. Your life, your love, your hopes and dreams will stop draining away as soon as that sinking feeling stops. So don’t panic.

Mind you, that sinking feeling will hit you again, and again, and… leaving you with no option but to fight that panic each time it happens.

It’s like being in a small dingy with a large shark menacingly swimming back and forth between you and the shore. Panic, and you’ll end up in the water. Do nothing, and you’ll end up drifting out to sea.

Keeping your head in a crisis is a must.

And. . .

This is a crisis.

Your mate is now your ex mate. But only because THEY said so. You agreed to nothing. If you want to win your ex back then make a decision now…

Are you going to do nothing and drift out to sea?

Are you going to give in to the confusion and panic and end up as food for the shark?

Or… are you going to keep a level head and give yourself a chance of turning things round?

You need to decide fast. You need to decide now.

Use your heartache, loneliness, betrayal and anger to focus on what you have to do next. Use it to help you concentrate and keep you grounded.

Use your head to think and put a strategy together. Your ex has shot their bolt. They’ve given up their last vestige of control over you. They left, they’ve no power over you any more. They’ve no more say in your life or what you choose to do.

That means you have all the power. You get to make all the choices. They planned to dump you without YOU knowing anything about it. They may be the shark, but you have the fishing rod. Now you can plan to real them in without YOUR EX knowing anything about it.

Win back the love of your ex the smart way.

Forget all the advice and comfort you’ve been inundated with from all around you. They mean well. But really, “There’s plenty more fish in the sea?”

Yeah right… more sharks.

Or, “Date one of their pals and make them really jealous?”

Come on, who really thinks that works. I’ve never heard of it working. Have you?

No. Do the opposite of what everyone really expects you to do. Especially your ex.

Your friends and relatives expect you to do nothing and just mope about for a while until you get over your ex and your breakup… until your roving eye catches someone new.

Your ex expects you to chase after them with a vengeance. You know the drill. Text or call them at every opportunity, or do the begging thing.

It won’t work.

Your Ex Knows What They’re Doing

They’re prepared for that. Remember, they planned the breakup.

They won’t let you get to them that way. Besides, if that’s what you’re doing, they’ll run every time they see you coming.

So what’s this opposite thing you’re supposed to do?

Well now, that’s the important bit. It’s hard to do, but it’s very simple really…

Accept the breakup with good grace and get on with your life in as happy and as joyous a way as you can. Have fun. Get out and about. Enjoy life to it’s full extent with your friends and family.

And be seen doing it.

Enjoy being in control of your own life again.

Get Your Ex Back A Little Psychology Works, Now You Have Their Attention

You think your ex will be able to avoid thinking about you?

You think they won’t be wondering why you’re not in pieces?

…How you can manage so well without them?

…That you’ve got over them and your breakup?

…What you’re doing now?

…Who you’re doing it with?

…What have they given up…?

Believe me, all these thoughts, and more, will be going through the mind of your ex. Your psychological advantage here, and you have others, is that you get to call all the shots. You have complete control over what you do next.

Now that you have your ex thinking about you, rekindle the love and get them back while you have their attention… Do it now…

Remember, your ex planned to dump you. So this time, you make the plan – plan to get your ex back on YOUR terms. Planning things works. You don’t know how to put your plan together? You don’t know the steps to take or the other, more powerful, psychology based moves to make?

Well, that’s an easy one to solve. . . Turn their emotions inside out and point all their feelings straight at YOU! . . .

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