Get Your Ex Back And Have Fun Doing It

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Breakups Aren’t Fun!

get your ex back and have fun doing it

Getting your ex back and have fun doing it seems so out of reach to you. Especially when you consider the following:

You often feel a breakup coming. You can feel them pulling away, putting some distance between you both. Then it’s “I’m leaving you.” Or worse, “We have to talk…”

That’s the moment your heart hits the bottom of your stomach and panic sets in.

Whether you feel the breakup coming or not, nothing prepares you for that moment. Your future has just been put on hold, all those desires and plans have just been extinguished.

You’ve just lost the love of your life. If you could only rekindle the love . . .

But, this is not the time to panic.

If you want to get your ex back you have to decide, panic and do or say all the wrong things, or keep a level head and use all that anxiety, anger, loneliness and pain to turn things round and reverse your breakup.

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At this point you’ll get loads of well-intentioned advice from friends and relatives. Most of it conflicting and, lets be honest, fairly useless.

But the best advice (see post breakup psychology ) to get over an ex is also the best advice to get your ex back, so it’s a win win situation, you can’t lose – if you follow this advice to fix your broken relationship…

So what is this reconciliation advice?

Simply, let your ex go. . .

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If you’re trying to get over your ex

It will help you to get on with your life if you accept the breakup and let them go.

It’s not easy, but becoming a hermit and wallowing in self-pity helps no-one, least of all you. Instead, put yourself out there.

Have fun with your friends, enjoy life again.

If your friends are hesitant or unavailable for whatever reason (it does happen) then expand your social circle and your interests. Believe me, it works.

If you’re trying to get your ex back and have fun as well

It will help you in more ways than one. Chasing an ex usually makes them run, in the opposite direction.

By letting your ex go, you’re not chasing them, so they’re not running away from you.

In fact, they’re still as close to you as they were just before your breakup.

If you don’t make matters worse, you stand every chance of making them better.

All you need to know is how to go about it .

So let them go… and have fun instead. In the process you can start to real them in again.

Some breakup questions to help you

Think about how your ex will react when they realize how confident and happy you are without them.

Do you think they’ll be surprised?

You can bank on it.

They’ve taken your pain and suffering for granted, that’s exactly what they expect, after all – they’ve just dumped you.

Will it stir their curiosity?

You can bank on that too.

They’ll wonder what’s going on. You should be devastated and you’re clearly not.

Does that mean you’re on their mind?

Yep, something else you can bank on.

They’ll definitely be thinking about you and that’s exactly what you want them to be doing.

Is a confident and happy person more attractive than someone appearing depressed and pitiful?

Yes, you’re right again. And when you want to get your ex back, you want to be as attractive as possible.

Will they stop taking you for granted now?

And once again, the answer is yes.

They won’t be able to do anything else, they failed to predict how you would react to your breakup, so they can no longer have any confidence in their own expectations where you are concerned.

Are you starting to see the benefits of going about getting your ex back and having fun doing it as a more successful way of going about it?

I really hope your answer is yes.

Letting your ex go doesn’t mean you’ll lose them

As you’ve seen from all the previous questions, letting your ex go will actually help you get them back.

If done right, it’s your ex that will be doing the chasing.

They’ll want you back.

In any case, there are so many more things you can do in your plan to get your ex back. So get a plan of action together, one that works.

If you don’t know all the other methods you can use, then fix whatever has come between the two of you. Just remember to have fun while you do it and simply click the link below . . .

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Getting back with your ex doesn't have to be difficult!