Get Your Ex Back By Fixing Your Broken Relationship

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Fix Your Breakup First?

Get Your Ex Back By Fixing Your Broken Relationship

Getting your ex back really does mean fixing your broken relationship. Somewhere along the line you’ve allowed something to come between you both.

Until you sort out this problem and clear the space that’s grown between you, getting back together again would be unlikely to last any meaningful length of time.

Fixing a broken relationship isn’t impossible, but it will test your commitment. How much it tests you, and if you can get your ex back, will depend on many things.

Initially, an important question when fixing your breakup, is why the relationship is broken.

Was the reason one of betrayal? In that case, was it you or your partner that cheated?

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Broken Relationship Caused By An Affair

Even an affair can be mended, but it will take effort to fix it and the two of you need to be willing to work very hard to make it work.

When it’s an affair it would seem like the partner who had the affair would have to put in all the effort, however, that’s not exactly right.

It’s much more likely that it will take just as much work for the partner who was betrayed to try to overcome their fear of being hurt again, their mistrust of their partner, as well as their anger and being made to feel inadequate.

They need to learn how to overcome an affair and somehow get past it.

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Apart from affairs, there are many other reasons for a breakup, most of them will happen over a longer period of time but are usually simpler to fix.

Naturally, it will still take time and work and both of you will have to remain strong and work at it. A lot of couples like this simply grow apart from a lack of caring.

It’s not usually a big thing that ends it but rather a series of small, seemingly unimportant, things that will weaken the relationship to the point where it will break down very easily.

Honesty here is the key to getting your ex back, being honest with each other, and with yourself, about the part each of you played in the breakup.

Once you’ve both admitted the part you’ve each played in the break down of your relationship, at least to each other, it’s time to sit down with your partner and, again honestly.

Discuss what went wrong, what you think needs to be done to make it right, as well as what you personally are willing to do to fix your relationship.

Getting Back Together Smoothly

Expect some arguments during this process, it won’t be easy.


Because this is the part where you will have to listen to your partner tell you why they aren’t happy with you. This won’t be easy for you to hear. And the same goes for your partner when it’s your turn to talk.

One of you is bound to find this harder than the other mainly because one of you will have had a bigger hand in the breakup and it won’t be easy to hear.

Once that happens it will often end up in a screaming match and nothing will get accomplished.

Here you have a make or break point, you’ll both have to show great maturity.

If neither one of you are able to calmly listen to the other while they try to explain what has made them unhappy in the relationship, you won’t have any chance at all of working things out.

Although getting your ex back and fixing a broken relationship isn’t impossible, it will take work.

If you or your partner aren’t able to be mature and able to face your faults and be willing to work on changing them then you will have a much harder time of fixing your relationship.

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