How To Get A Second Chance With My Ex Boyfriend (Updated 2017)

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Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back – For A Second Time

a second chance with my ex boyfriend

“I want a second chance with my ex boyfriend.” Well, everyone deserves a second chance, not just with relationships.

Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are necessary, it’s how we learn.

Getting things wrong should be expected.

Which means. . . you deserve another chance with your ex boyfriend (or husband, makes no difference). . . the chance to get him to focus on you. . . and ONLY YOU.

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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When He Has Moved On

Getting a “second chance with my ex boyfriend” is all about you being clever. Forget about the ways you’ve been going about it up till now and start using some fun psychology and a proper plan instead of “winging it” . . .

I know you are thinking “All I want is to get back with him!” I also know you’re anxious to get him back quickly before he meets someone else and before he really manages to get over you. Perhaps he already has someone else, but rushing things just now is not the way to go.

Trying to FORCE what you want to happen will work against you! It’s definitely NOT how to get get your ex boyfriend to WANT you back.

Seriously, this is important. . . even if he has moved on, time really is a great healer, and this is so true when it comes to broken relationships. Because, all of those heightened emotions from your breakup will fade. . . but only if they’re allowed to.

. . . if your ex is being reminded of them before they’ve had a chance to subside, they will remain at boiling point, and will continue to drive you both further apart.

Let him get rid of all those feelings left over from your breakup. . . they are in the way and preventing you from reconciling properly.

Until all these angry and bitter feelings have subsided you’ll find it very difficult to have any kind of meaningful dialogue with your ex.

So stop trying to CONVINCE him. . . it won’t work! Besides, there are easier and much more effective ways of grabbing his attention, making him focus on YOU. . . reaching into his mind and planting a seed. . .

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Your Second Chance To Get Him Back

When it comes to getting another chance with your boyfriend, the KEY is realizing this:

Your breakup isn’t unique!

. . .that may seem brutal, but it’s true. . .

You’re not a special snowflake.

In fact, ALL relationships follow a pattern. It doesn’t matter whether you have kids together, share a special bond or met in Paris. Stop believing that your relationship was out of the ordinary and therefore requires some unique approach and special attention to repair.

Let’s face it, you want him to choose you again. . . just like so many other girls fighting to regain their lost relationship. . . you are not alone!

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Okay… So Let Me Have A Second Chance With My Ex Boyfriend

Alright then, so here’s some good news. . .

Men all behave in a very similar and predictable manner. (like I had to tell you that. . .)

. . . and remember. . .

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Don’t you just love that saying? It brings everything back into perspective. Anyway. . .

Try Pushing His Buttons. . .

By taking advantage of the male psychological “hot buttons”, you can cause your ex boyfriend to want you back with a hunger and desire he’ll never be able to satisfy. It’s actually not even that hard if you know what “specific” buttons to push.

I’m sure someone has pushed your buttons at some point, and I’m also sure you remember how hard it was NOT to respond. . .

This is why trying to reason, use logic and argue with your ex simply won’t work.

Telling him how much you care about him won’t work.

It’ll push him away. . .

He just doesn’t respond to it on a deep emotional level. His DNA is hard coded to respond to something quite different. . .

Besides, getting your ex boyfriend back, or ex husband for that matter, doesn’t have to be such hard work.

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Did You Push Him Away Without Realizing It?

Right now your emotions are clouding your better judgement. You’re too close to your situation to see it objectively. . . and you’re thinking like a girl.

It takes an outside perspective to address an issue as difficult as a breakup and bring to light some unseen realities.

So, how does a woman push her boyfriend away?

  • By being controlling and suspicious.
  • Keeping “tabs” on her boyfriend/husband.
  • Letting herself go physically.
  • Letting herself go financially.
  • Not putting effort into having fun anymore. . .

You get the idea. . .

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We tend to take our relationships for granted and let things slide once the initial passion has worn off.

We fall into a routine and gradually things start to change. . .

  • His sex drive went away.
  • He starts giving you one word answers.
  • He stops laughing at your jokes.
  • He stops “looking” at you the same way.

Until the day he comes to you and says:

“We need to talk”

He probably said things like:

  • “I just need time apart”
  • “I need space”
  • “It’s not you, it’s me”
  • “Things just aren’t the same anymore”
  • “Can we still be friends?”

And the rest is history. You already know what happened because you just went through the breakup yourself. And now. . . the pity party is over. . .

It’s time to dig yourself out of the hole you’re in. . .

to KNOW how to get him back. . .

to get that “second chance with my ex boyfriend”. . .

to plant that seed in his mind. . . and make it grow!

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Getting back with your ex doesn't have to be difficult!