How To Get Back With Your Ex

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Breakups And Restoring Passion

get back with your ex

The transition from being a friend, companion, lover to being an ex is so much part of modern life.

Almost every adult at some stage has experienced a relationship breakup, it’s all part of life and the natural learning experience. Has this happened to you? How did you deal with it? Did you get back with your ex?

Some people concentrate on moving on and put it all in the past, some try their best to make their ex jealous and others demean themselves by begging forgiveness, promising to change and generally appearing needy.

If you want to get your ex back and save your relationship, none of these approaches will work in your best interests.

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There are other options, just remember that playing the victim can become very tiring, not just for your ex but your friends will probably get fed up with this as well.

Time to try another approach, a breakup does not mean that your relationship cannot be fixed and all the love and passion restored again.


The truth is that most of the time there are no good reasons why a breakup cannot be reversed, providing you know all the steps necessary to overcome whatever is was that has come between you. Fix that problem and getting back with your ex becomes sooo much easier. . .

To begin with, you have to determine what exactly happened, what you did or did not do, that caused the breakup in the first place. Although you cannot go back into the past and change what happened, once you’ve identified the problem you can take steps to fix it.

Relationship Breakup Reasons

Your breakup may have happened because of a single event, or it may have happened because of more long term reasons, like behaviors, that your ex could no longer live with or be able to deal with any more.

It does not matter what the reasons were that led to the breakup, you need to get to the fundamentals and figure out the specifics so that you can deal with the situation if it should ever come up again. It is possible to get your ex back and rekindle the love you had if you know how.

But if you want to make it work over the long term, you need to find out what went wrong in the first place, you need to know what caused the breakup and ensure that it never happens again.

Get Back With Your Ex, Some Dos and Don’ts

The next step to concentrate on, and cannot be overstated, is to make sure that you are not being seen as too needy, this can kill any chance you may have of a reconciliation.

Most people feel like they cannot live without their ex, and yes, it hurts, but there is little to gain by making this too obvious.

Instead, you should stay as strong, and happy, as you can and let your ex see that you are coping well and doing just fine by yourself.

If you let everyone around you see that you are confident and coping well, then you will have a better chance of getting your ex back.

Be Careful!

It might not seem obvious, but trying to get some revenge by getting back at your ex in some way, or trying to make your ex jealous are not good ways to proceed.

The truth is that, these are some of the worst things that you could possibly do, because your ex will believe you have already moved on and will simply do the same.

While it is also true that you do want your ex to see that you’re doing alright, you do not want to overdo this as they could very well interpret this as a sign to move on themselves.

If you want to get back with your ex then let them see how strong and self confident you are, and they will feel that old attraction for you and be inspired to get back together with you…

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Getting back with your ex doesn't have to be difficult!