How To Get Your Ex Back For Good

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Some Strategies For Winning Your Ex Back

how to get your ex back for good

Been dumped by your one true love?

Did the breakup come “out of the blue” and take you completely by surprise?

Do you wonder “how to get your ex back for good?”

Well, this article will show you some strategies to get your ex back for good.

These strategies work, they are well tried and tested so don’t be put off by the fact that you instinctively want to do the opposite, just take my word for it and by the end of this article you’ll understand what I mean.

First if all, some things NOT to do. Most people try to get their ex back by doing all the wrong things. (explained in this video.)

Don’t make the same mistakes, keep your instincts and urges in check because you want a more objective and planned approach than just rushing in and trying to force things.

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If you do this wrong, it will just convince your ex that your breakup really was a good thing.

So, don’t let your ex see you as a groveling needy person. This is disastrous.

When you appear weak and needy by…

  • writing lots of love letters
  • pestering them with dozens of texts or emails
  • calling them at every opportunity
  • pleading with them to come back
  • begging their forgiveness

… unless your ex is a real wimp, this will probably send them running in the opposite direction. In fact, none of those techniques would ever be included in any lesson to get your ex back.

You need to be the opposite of weak and needy. You need to be strong and retain your dignity and respect.

For your best chance of success at reconciling with your ex, you will need to accept your breakup and get into the frame of mind that you are okay with it.

Indeed, if you let your ex think that you’ve come to realize the breakup was a good thing, then you’ll be in the best place to start getting your ex interested in you again.

That’s because your ex will be wondering why you’re alright with the breakup.

That means your ex will be thinking about… YOU.

Happy Again. . .

They’ll be thinking of you as this happy, confident person getting on with their life…

… just how you were when they originally met you… all those old feeling… WOW!!!

So leave your ex alone, give them time to get over all the emotions caused by the breakup. Remember, breaking up is also an ordeal for the one who initiates it, not just for the one that gets dumped.

For you to have some hope that your ex will want you back after you have given them a little bit of space and time to get over the breakup, your best strategy is simply to be available.

Answer their phone calls and emails, but don’t initiate any contact with them, give them a shoulder to cry on, and don’t harass them about getting back together.

Get on with your life and let your ex see what they’re missing.

If your ex realizes, of their own accord, that their decision to breakup with you was a bad one, then you have won them back FOR GOOD, and it’s your ex that will be apologetic and chasing you.

If you follow this properly, you’ll stop “just showing up” at places where your ex is likely to be hanging out.

You’ll perhaps find occasional excuses to call your ex (but never more than once or twice a week) and keep this contact very short and don’t be tempted to bring up the past or to ask them back.

In other words, avoid anything that could cause conflict.

These short exchanges are merely to give your ex confidence in you and your ability to keep your feelings under control, to show them that you’ve accepted the breakup and your happy with it.

Appearing strong and confident will do more to get your ex interested in you again than almost anything else you’re tempted to try.

Feeling Relaxed Is Key

If your ex no longer feels threatened by you, if they are comfortable in your company then you are already more than half-way towards getting your ex back again.

So don’t mess this bit up.

Most people do, simply because they panic and think, wrongly, that giving their ex time away will just encourage them to move on and start dating someone else.

Don’t be one of them, have confidence in yourself and your own attractiveness.

And don’t forget, you have what it takes to attract your ex, you did it once already and that time you didn’t know them very well.

This time you know so much more about them. Their likes and dislikes, what turns them on (and off), so use this knowledge to your advantage.

There are so many more things you can do when you want to get your ex back, for good this time. If you want to know all of them, continue here

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