How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Interested Again

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Still In Love And Wanting Her Back

couples0003I take it you’re still in love with your ex girlfriend, and either having trouble getting her back or… you don’t know where to start to rekindle the love, passion and desire again. Getting your ex girlfriend interested in you again is not always an easy task. But you’re not alone, most people trying to fix a breakup have the same problems you are having.

It’s not easy because, mostly, you are either going about it the wrong way or do nothing at all.

If you don’t know what you should be doing to succeed, are scared of making things worse, or simply scared of being rejected then you are severely limiting your chances.

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Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Interested Again

So now is the time to regain your confidence and be more optimistic. Restoring your relationship doesn’t have to be difficult, or scary for that matter. If you follow the right plan and know exactly what you should be doing, everything will become so much clearer, easier and definitely more pleasant.

Did you breakup with her, or was it the other way round?

Not that it matters, your problem is still the same either way, even if you have been trying all the wrong things to get your ex girlfriend back, and most people do, it’s still the same problem that you’re left with… rekindling a love that seams to have disappeared.

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How to rekindle an old love.

So, lets get you on the right track about [reviving passions with some do’s and, just as important, some don’ts that may help you find out the real reason the two of you broke up and how you can get back together without repeating the same mistakes all over again:


  1. Try to find the true problems that caused your breakup. It’s way too easy to get caught up in the symptoms of your problems instead of focusing on the root problem itself. Try to find the root cause so you can fix it.
  2. Own up to the mistakes you made in your relationship. It’s very difficult to do, most of us have a really easy time seeing the faults of our partners but it gets much less clear when we are trying to focus on our own issues.
  3. Be willing to learn new ways of communicating. Few relationships fall apart when a couple really knows how to communicate. This is about way more than just talking, it’s about using the right words to explain how you feel without ridiculing the other person. It’s also about listening, sometimes to things you’d really rather not have to hear, while trying not to get angry or defensive.


  1. Rehash ancient history. You both know what happened, you were there. It’s time to find the root of the problem without reliving all the gory details.
  2. Blame your partner for everything. No one is completely innocent when it comes to a relationship ending. Instead of pointing your finger, try to take a look at yourself and concentrate on making you the best you can be. You take care of you and let your partner take care of themselves.
  3. Get mad or act like a stalker. Give your ex plenty of time to figure out what she wants. You can use this time to learn more about yourself and figure out what changes should be made. When the time does come for the two of you to talk, you will have to prove to her that it won’t just end up in another fight. That is the only way you will get her to agree to meet with you.

These short summaries should get you thinking in the right direction so keep these Do’s and Don’ts in mind when you’re trying to get her back. It might take some time to convince her that you really are willing to make changes and, more importantly, the two of you can meet and talk without it turning into a screaming match. Just try to be patient and, always, remain upbeat and happy whenever you’re in her company. Read this article for some real tactics…

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