How To Rebuild A Broken Relationship

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How Best To Fix Your Breakup?

rebuild a broken relationship

The best way to rebuild a broken relationship is by getting a wee bit of help. Working off intuition alone seldom has any real lasting success. Rebuilding the passion and desire is often a very good place to start.

If you’re both passionate about each other then you’re far more likely to work together to achieve your aims. That’s where the real power in a relationship is, uniting to deal with any problems you have is how you find the real solutions.

But you may have reached the stage where you think being able to rekindle the love and desire in each other is not very likely. In that case you’ll have to resort to other tactics – you need a plan. . .

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Okay, so you want to rescue your breakup. But first let me ask you a couple of questions. What caused your relationship to end in a breakup? Do you know the reason? Do you know what led up to it?

You see, most people think that rebuilding a broken relationship, like rebuilding a broken house, is simply a matter of fixing the most obvious problems. But that’s more like papering over the cracks. (Watch this video and discover the RIGHT way.)

The most obvious problems aren’t always the ones that need to be dealt with. Staying with the construction analogy, think of it more like having to tear down the building first before it can be rebuilt.

In most broken relationships, that will be the best way as well. The hardest part is identifying the real problems that caused the breakup, the obvious problems are rarely the reason – they’re more likely to be symptoms. How balanced was our relationship?

An common example would be an affair, is it the affair that causes the breakup or is there another problem that causes one of them to stray? If it’s the latter, that is the underlying problem that needs to be identified and fixed.

It’s a common thing, though it’s also a dumb thing, we are all guilty of getting back with someone and expect things to be better even though neither person has made any changes.

That is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

Take the time and be willing to figure out the past problems and fix them, you’ll not only be happier in the long run, but your relationship will stand a much better chance of surviving.

Besides, until you fix your problems, how are you going to be successful at getting your ex back and never mind preventing any future breakups as well?

Don’t subject yourself to that kind of pain. If one or both of you hasn’t made any changes you will just repeat the mistakes of the past and cause yourselves a lot of needless suffering.

Rebuild A Broken Relationship By Working Together

Instead talk to your ex about the two of you working side by side to address the issues that caused your breakup and make the positive changes that are needed. Being honest and willing to admit to personal mistakes is crucial.

Doing this will show your ex a more mature version of you and it will also give them hope that maybe the two of you can make things work. And that applies equally the other way round.

This is a much better way to get your ex back than the standard one where you try to date everyone you can and hope that your ex finds out about it and gets jealous enough to beg you to come back.

Really?? That’s the best you can come up with?

Even if your ex does find out, is jealous and does get back with you, then what? What’s really changed and what makes you think that you two won’t just do the same things over again and cause each other more grief and hardship?

It’s always best to build, and keep, a relationship based on mutual respect and honesty than one that is based on manipulation and games.

If you want to rebuild a broken relationship and truly be happy with your partner and your relationship, choose the high road. Make yourselves better people in general and you’ll have a better relationship… the help you wanted

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