How To Save A Long Distance Relationship Breakup

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Long Distance Relationships

save a long distance relationship breakup

Absence makes the heart grow fonder – or – out of sight out of mind?

This will always be a difficult dilemma. Being apart can be strange. Even if you are really strong in your relationship it can become strained.

In the beginning, likely within the first couple of weeks of being apart, you’ll both still be comfortable and sure of each other. But after that, it’s quite normal to start questioning things. That’s when the above dilemma rears it’s ugly head.

Long distance relationships pose a whole new set of problems that most relationships simply don’t have. When one gets into trouble it can be particularly difficult trying to pull it back from the brink.

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Relationship problems are normally resolved in face to face situations, this is rarely possible when a long distance is keeping you apart. The problems themselves are different from normal and how you handle them is different.

This becomes even worse when you’re trying to save a long distance relationship from breaking up, or putting one back together again.

You need to find different, and more thoughtful, ways of resolving your problems.

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It might be prudent to try and establish if you both want to save the relationship, it’s just possible that your ex has already moved on with someone else. If this is the case, it could make reversing your breakup almost impossible.

Both of you really need to have the desire to make your relationship work if you want to succeed. Even if both of you are still committed to each other, be prepared for an uphill struggle. Make sure you are both ready to make some sacrifices.

Here are some simple things that may be able to help you pull your long distance relationship back from the edge and

make it stronger

in the process:


I know that communication is obvious, it’s an essential part of all successful relationships, but a long distance one has no chance of lasting without frequent and effective communication.

So talk, honestly and as often as you can.

While it is important to talk about the issues in your relationship don’t make this your only topic of conversation. You also want to have some fun, so make sure there is a lighter, happier part to your conversations.

Even though it will take work to save your relationship, you don’t want to start thinking of your relationship as work. Try to keep a balance when you talk to each other.

More… Communication

With all the different types of communication available today, it’s easier than ever to send a quick message.

While you may not want to call your partner in the middle of the day while they are at work, you might be able to send them a cute, short, little message that will make them smile. Let them know that you are thinking about them.

That is a great way to stay on their mind too, and it’s particularly good when your partner is miles away and meeting other people. You want to remind them of why they love you so much.

Even More… Communication

To save a long distance relationship breakup means learning to communicate your needs, desires and hopes for the future. You should have already done this step, but if you haven’t do it now.

Make sure you both know, very clearly, what the rules are about dating other people when you are apart. Many couples will assume that the other person understands that dating is a no no, even if you’re apart. But you shouldn’t assume anything.

Talk about it openly and make sure you are both on the same page and willing to abide by the rules. It can be tempting to meet others when you’re away from your partner and feeling lonely.

Some people seem to think that if they are away from their partner that anything goes. If you don’t agree with that idea, make sure you partner knows it.

Saving any relationship will take time, love, courage and honesty, but

saving a long distance relationship

will take all these things and more.

If you have a relationship worth saving don’t give up. True, it won’t be easy but if both of you are committed to reversing your breakup, you can make it work. Don’t give up on a good thing without a fight.

Strengthen (or even rescue) your

long distance relationship

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