I Miss My Ex, How To Get My Ex Back?

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Don’t Panic – Missing Your Ex Can Be Sorted

I miss my ex

It’s normal to miss your ex. Most people do when they split up. Unless it was a really bad relationship that you couldn’t wait to get out of, then it’s only to be expected that you’ll experience some sense of loss.

How much you miss your boyfriend or girlfriend is another matter though. Only you can judge that.

Did you waken up this morning thinking “I really miss my ex, how do I go about getting them back?” Just remember it’s not unusual, maybe a couple of weeks after your breakup, you find a kind of panic setting in. You find that you’re still in love with your ex and you no longer want to just sit back and do nothing about it.

Also very common, is the realization that you don’t have a clue how to go about rescuing your breakup. You don’t want to make a mess of things, they’re bad enough as it is without making them any worse, so you start searching for answers. (This video should have the answers you’re looking for.)

However, are you thinking clearly enough to rely on this decision to try and rekindle your relationship with your ex?

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You may just be going through a natural kind of grieving process. It’s also possible that you are confusing the feelings you are having.

Many times it is a mixture of feelings, like helplessness, loneliness and not being able to see your future clearly that causes the confusion and leads you to believe that you want your ex back. Of course, you may just miss them, a lot, and really do want to patch things up.

I Really Do Miss My Ex

Your best bet is to allow some time time to pass and see if your are just grieving. Grief at the end of a relationship is seldom just for the loss of your ex. It is also for the loss of your dreams, the dream of where your future was going, and of course, the loss of your relationship itself.

You really need to be clear about what you are feeling at this time, and make sure that your hopes and desires are targeted correctly.

If you are certain of your aspirations, and do still love your ex, and want to get them back then you need to try and figure out exactly what went wrong in your relationship that caused the breakup. This might take you by surprise, the real reasons are not always the obvious ones.

This is important, because unless you take the time to make good the mistakes that you might have made, then getting back with your ex will only eventually lead to the same break down in the relationship as before and that will do neither of you any good.

So own up to your mistakes and anything that you might have done wrong to contribute to the break down of your relationship. You have to be able to admit them to yourself first so that you can take steps to put things right and reverse your breakup.

You have no control over your ex, in fact you’ve no control over anyone, only yourself. So focus only on the things that you can change and then find a way to sort your own mistakes.

Blaming your ex is not going to help, it’s too late for that as you’re already apart. Besides, who did what to whom no longer matters much anyway, you need to get past all that and forgive each other if you want to move things forward.

So forget blame and concentrate on positive things instead.

As you are truly still in love with your ex and are trying to find out how to get them back, then using the common sense approach should help you.

If you can get rid of all the things that have come between you and revive the love and passion , then once all these things have been dealt with there will be nothing to stop you reuniting and getting back together again.

When you find yourself missing your ex to the extent that you really want them back, then what you really need is a workable plan of action if you want to succeed…

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