I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend

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I Still Love Her And Want Her Back

I still love my ex girlfriend

If you’re really being honest when you say “I still love my ex girlfriend” then you owe it to yourself to get her back. It’s not always easy but there are ways and means to rekindle that attraction she once had for you.

The hardest part for you at the moment is understanding what’s going on. Once you understand the background to your breakup you’re half-way there to fixing it. So let’s have a look. . . then I’ll show you how to do it. . .

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Finding that lost love…

Most relationships start off with that tingly attraction we’ve all felt. That excitement when your heart strings are being plucked. There is little in life to compare with it.

The trouble is when it doesn’t progress after that initial stage. Most guys are quite happy with that situation as long as the two of them are still getting on well. But. . . that’s not always true for the girl.

If the relationship doesn’t look it’s going anywhere. . . they’ll jump ship.

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Sadly, it’s a much more common problem than you might realize. Around three quarters of all relationships breakup because the woman has called it off.

This is strange, because it takes a lot for a woman to give up on a relationship, men are more likely to be lured by another person than a girl is, men very often start a new relationship without breaking up with their ex first.

But the main reason why men are the ones to be dumped is that they stop paying attention and start taking their girlfriend for granted even when they are saying all the right things like, “I love you.”

Girls usually take this type of treatment for quite a while before giving up entirely.

They suffer the guys night out, they might have a gals night out but they will not carry this on for long or as often, they’ll put up with their guys going off for their football or baseball games or whatever sport.

But eventually they will want you to be more like you were when you first started dating her.

Do you remember what that was like? When you gave her all your attention, bought her gifts, took her out, the full works? Why did you stop?

So, what was it that you did to drive your girlfriend to the point of splitting up with you?

You have to decide exactly what the reason was, if you don’t know, then you will have to figure it out or find out in some other way. Because you need this information if you are to get her back .

Saying, “I still love my ex girlfriend.” Is not enough, it’s wishful thinking and just waiting for things to change will achieve nothing. You are going to have to take action if you want to succeed in reversing your relationship breakup and get her back again.

Saying your sorry and begging for forgiveness is not the best way to go about it either. Especially if you are repeating this over and over again.

If you don’t know what you are being sorry for, it does not mean very much, and. . . she knows it.

Another point here is that if she was going to forgive you and welcome you back, she would have done this the first time you apologized.

Another bad tactic that men often do, women do this too, is to try contacting their ex continuously, they almost become a stalker.

Not a good way to go at all. This will drive your ex girlfriend even further away. She will see you as week and clingy, maybe even controlling, and will never be attracted back as long as you behave like this.

You say that you still in love with your ex, so I’m going to take your word for it and assume that you know that you are still in love with her and that it’s not just the case that there is now a huge empty space in your life that your ex girlfriend once filled and you’re really just feeling lonely.

If it has been a few weeks since your relationship breakup, then that’s probably enough time for you to know the difference. If it’s any shorter than that, then give yourself a little more space to figure it out.

In any case, especially if you have been hounding your ex girlfriend, you are going to have to let things quieten down a bit before you do anything else. she will have to have the confidence that you are emotionally stable again.

Unless she can trust that you can control yourself and avoid any arguments, she will not be willing to communicate with you, and without communication you are not going to get anywhere with getting your ex girlfriend back.

Now that you have said, “I still love my ex girlfriend, she broke off our relationship and now I want to get her back.” You are going to have to be rational and use common sense to get her back. . . or. . .

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