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How To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Make Your Relationship Stronger

Well… why not? If you’ve read anything at all about fixing breakups and reuniting the couples involved then you can hardly fail to notice a general theme that runs through them all…

… fix your breakup and make your relationship even stronger than it was before the split.

You know the old saying, “break up to make up.” Although that might be more about increasing excitement and spicing things up a bit.

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But, it still makes sense, doesn’t it? If you want to fix your relationship and make it stronger, simply get back together again.

Okay, obviously a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ at best or simply an over simplification, but…

The psychology behind fixing a breakup can seem strange!

… the reason that relationships can grow stronger after going through a breakup is because of all the work that has gone into fixing the problems that existed before the collapse of the relationship.

It’s getting rid of all the underlying problems that increases the strength of the couple’s bonds. Not the breakup itself.

However, does that mean a breakup is a good thing? Trouble Getting Your Ex Back? Not Any More. . .

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The short answer is. . . yes. . . and no.

Once you come to the realization that you have terminal relationship problems, or at least you feel they are heading that way, and you and your partner are mature and strong enough to take the necessary steps to fix the problems, then a breakup would obviously be totally unnecessary. In fact, it could even harm your relationship.

On the other hand, it’s almost impossible for one partner, on their own, to eradicate all the problems in your relationship. Solving the problems that are pushing you apart will take effort from both of you working together.

So, might it be a good idea to walk out on your partner in order to make them realize just how important solving your relationship problems are to you?

Now that’s the real question.

And the answer depends on several things.

How deep set are your relationship problems?

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Are you prepared to walk away… for good?.. Because it may come to that.

Every relationship is different, so in the end it becomes an individual judgment call.

YOU have to decide. Initiating a breakup in order to strengthen your relationship can work if the action of actually breaking up shocks your partner into wanting to work with you to fix your relationship. But… it’s a gamble.

However, if you really have reached the end of your tether and you’ve nowhere else to turn, then taking that gamble might just be worth it.

You could also try restoring the love, passion, desire and romance in your relationship, sometimes that’s all it takes and it’s a lot less risky… and… a lot more FUN!

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