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Your Ex Girlfriend And Something To Consider…

get your ex girlfriend back

Get your ex girlfriend back where she belongs, with you. It’s mainly just common sense and restoring her love and passion with a well thought out plan.

Sure, there are all kinds of devious tricks you can use, there are even quite a number of different systems and plans that are not devious in any way that you can use. But most often, applying a healthy dose of common sense can work wonders.

Just to illustrate what I mean, here’s a wee story that should give you the general idea.

Jack wanted to get his ex girlfriend back, it didn’t matter that she dumped him. Jack was a veteran of the war in Iraq and he knew that he had to make a battle plan to get his ex girlfriend back.

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Jack’s ex, a woman named Mary, broke up with him because she had met someone else, in this case a poet. Jack knew that while Mary had an artistic streak, she wasn’t going to ultimately be happy with someone whose idea of a good time was rhyming couplets. In short, the poet wasn’t the kind of man that Jack was.

So, Jack set out a battle plan to get his ex girlfriend back . There were three prongs to his approach.

The first thing he did was to smooth out the rough edges on himself. He let his crew cut grow out and had a short stylish haircut. He also started reading some of the books Mary had mentioned in the past. He figured that to get his ex girlfriend back, he had to be the kind of boyfriend she wanted.

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The next prong of attack was to show her that he was a virile man that other women wanted. He called up Susan, a friend of Mary’s, and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner as a casual date. When she said yes, Jack texted Mary and asked where Susan might like to go on a date.

Mary immediately called Jack and wanted to know why he was taking Susan out. Jack told her that they were broken up and he was moving on. He had always thought Susan was an interesting person and thought it might be a good time to get to know her. If Mary had any objections, maybe she should reconsider the break up.

Mary slammed down the phone, which Jack expected. But he had planted the idea with Mary that he was a desirable guy. This was all part of his get his ex girlfriend back strategy.

The third prong of attack was to use the date with Susan to get information back to Mary.

Jack was the perfect gentleman on his date with Susan. He brought her a single rose when he picked her up. He took her to a nice restaurant. And, on the date, he talked about the fabulous books he had been reading lately.

Then, when he dropped her off, he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek but didn’t go any further. The next day, he sent her a lovely bouquet and said ‘I had a really good time. I hope you did too.’

Susan, of course, was on the phone with Mary immediately. She wanted to know why Mary had broken off a relationship with such a great guy.

Meanwhile, the luster had gone off the relationship with the Poet, and Mary was missing Jack a lot.

Mary called Jack a couple of days after his date with Susan and wanted to know if the two of them could try starting up their relationship again.

Do you get the gist of it now?

Using a plan built on common sense can be the best approach to success. Yes, there are lots of other techniques you can mix in to your plan that will make your chances of succeeding much more likely. But common sense is just such a good basis to start working from.

That short story was simply for illustration, but you should have got the idea behind it. It is actually a valid plan to get your ex girlfriend back .

But it’s not the only one. . . or the best one. . .

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