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relationship breakup advice

Seaking relationship breakup advice is necessary. Knowing what to do when a breakup happens is not something we know how to handle.

It’s important to remember that a relationship breakup happens with two people, not just one. It’s also important to remember that both of you will be feeling overwhelmed and emotional.

You may not want to hear this right now, but you have to accept the breakup if you are to get over your ex as quickly and as easily as possible.

If you have just been dumped, you will most likely not care too much how your ex is feeling. This is both normal and natural, but while emotions are running high, with resentment and guilt, neither of you can deal with the other.

It would cause too much tension and bitterness and make the breakup process for each of you so much harder, and it will take longer to deal with.

Give each other the space you need to deal with your own emotional roller-coaster.

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Breakup, who’s to blame?

Apportioning the blame of the breakup to either person is pointless.

I know that, regardless of what caused your relationship breakup, both of you will blame the other.

If not directly to each other, you will, at least, do it privately in your own minds, perhaps even to friends or family.

This will be of little help and will just prolong the agony of your breakup.

The sooner you can put your breakup behind you and move on the better, if it drags on you will drive yourself crazy. After putting all the blame on your ex, you will, at some point, turn all the blame onto yourself.

This is dangerous and can lead to a state of depression, so realize that this is one of the phases you will go through if you go down the road of blame, and don’t put too much emphasis on it.

Once you have gone round in circles trying to figure out who really is to blame for your breakup, you will come to the decision that you were both to blame.

This is the correct decision, whether you are ready to believe this or not. Whenever you have two people involved, it is NEVER just the fault of one.

Dealing With Guilt And Blame

Some people try to make their ex feel guilty in order to keep their relationship together, however, this can only ever work for a short time and will increase the feelings of resentment and ensure that the subsequent breakup is permanent.

Don’t go looking for faults in yourself, it is something in your relationship that has gone wrong, some incompatibility that has surfaced. The relationship was at fault, not you.

Give yourself a break and stay away from pointing the finger of blame, your sanity will thank you for it. Everyone has faults, that includes both of you.

You had these faults when you both got together, if they weren’t an issue then, they shouldn’t be an issue now. It’s a relationship breakup, forget blame.

Emotionally charged breakup

The most important thing now is how to deal with your emotions. Our brains find it difficult to think emotionally and logically at the same time, emotion and logic are controlled by two different parts of our brain.

So, until you can get your emotions under control, you will be less able to look on your circumstances with any clarity or common sense. The sooner you can do this, the sooner you will get over your ex.

Cry if you need to, let your anger out, allow yourself to feel confused and hurt and try and accept that this will pass. A friend or family member can help you through this process, but the accent should be on the emotions you are having, your feelings.

Avoid bringing your ex into any conversations, especially if the intent is to rubbish them in any way, it wont help in the long run and may prolong your emotional turmoil.

Try your very best NEVER to display your emotions in front of your ex. Retain your dignity and show your strength of character whenever you do have contact with your ex. You will really thank yourself for this further down the road.

Essential Relationship Breakup Advice

Let out the sadness and grieve as privately as you can. You are the bigger person here, if you can deal with your relationship breakup, you can deal with anything. Be proud, confident, and stay as happy as you can. It will pass.

There are many other things you can do to help you get over your ex. There are also many ways to get your ex back if that is what you want.

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