Signs Your Ex Wants You Back Explained

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Is your ex still interested in you?

signs your ex wants you back explained

Whenever you go through an unwanted breakup it’s only natural to want to fix your relationship and get back together again. To that end, you’d want any signs your ex wants you back explained.

It would make it so much easier for you to spot them.

Ideally you wish your ex would come to their senses and realize the breakup was all a big mistake.

The strange thing is… this does actually happen.

Some relationships breakup after one partner has been unhappy with it for a long period of time, perhaps even years. Others can breakup almost on the spur of the moment. Perhaps something has happened they dislike so much that their immediate reaction is to split up.

In either case, what seems a good idea today is not always so appealing tomorrow.

Does your ex regret breaking up with you?

If so, how can you tell?

Well, I’m happy to tell you, there are signs your ex wants you back if you know what to look for. I’m about to give you 14 of the best signs that your ex is still interested in you and might be regretting their decision to dump you.

Some Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

The first one I’m going give you is probably the one that will give you the biggest hint that all is not lost, so be careful not to answer it when you’re wearing rose tinted glasses.

In other words, give it enough genuine consideration and make sure the conclusion you reach is not just wishful thinking on your part.

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Has your ex changed?

Usually after a breakup, your ex will become hardened and distant from you. They may even try and avoid you at all costs. Has this changed?

Maybe your ex is showing signs of softening towards you? Has their attitude to you become less abrasive?

The reason this sign is so important is that if there has been no change then the rest of the signs are less likely to mean they want you back. However, if their attitude towards you has become less stressed then the following signs are that much more positive.

I catch my ex staring me at me

This isn’t necessarily restricted to staring, repeated sidelong glances can be just as revealing. You see, it’s an involuntary act, we’re hard wired to stare, or keep looking, at whatever we find attractive. It’s subconscious in nature and an involuntary act that we find hard to stop.

So if you catch your ex staring at you, it shows that they still have an interest in you.

My ex is reminiscing

If your ex is reminiscing, either with you or with your friends or family, then it means they have fond memories of what you used to share together. This is a good sign that they want things to be back the way they used to be. (see psychology to get your ex back .)

But take note – they want things back as they were before your relationship took a downturn, not back as they were immediately before your breakup.

My ex is always in the vicinity

This can be a real giveaway, it can also be a bit scary. If your ex is always turning up at places you are at then they definitely have an interest in you.

But… Are they stalking you?

Only you know your ex well enough to make that decision. However it’s more usual that your ex is simply trying to be close to you and making a clumsy attempt at still taking part in your life, even if it is from the sidelines.

My ex is sending indirect messages

This is where your ex is giving your friends or family information hoping that it works it’s way back to you. This is especially good if the message you are getting is that your ex is not interested in forming any new relationships.

But they may also just be asking questions, fishing for information about you. Either way, they are showing that they are still interested in you.

My ex is trying to help me

Is your ex showing you a bit more attention than before? Perhaps they are helping you in little ways. This is normally done almost quietly, they are trying not to be obvious. Probably just testing your reaction to see if they have a chance of taking things further.

At the very least, they are showing they are still interested in you and want to stay around.

My ex shows signs of regret

This is another of those indirect signs. Your ex works by telling your friends or family, maybe even work colleagues, that they wish they had done things differently.

This, of course, can be taken two different ways which is intentional. They might mean that they wish they hadn’t broken up with you but handled it differently, or they might mean that they should have handled the breakup itself differently.

But this is nothing more than a cop out. They are letting you know that they regret the breakup and want you back but covering their own embarrassment in case you are not interested in restarting your relationship.

They are just being tentative.

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My ex is being flirtatious with me

This is usually regarded as a biggy, one of those signs that really means your ex is dying to get back together with you. But it’s not that straight forward.

Sometimes your ex is just trying it on. When your ex flirts with you they may just want to see if they can still charm you into bed.

Their intention is not a reconciliation, just a bit of fun coupled with seeing how much power they still hold over you. Be careful, look to see if some of the other signs are present as well before allowing things to go further.

My ex likes to make physical contact with me

If your ex is a bit touchy feely then it shows a desire to be close to you. But only if that was not their natural way all along. If they have always behaved like this then you can’t read anything into it at all.

However, if it’s a new way for your ex to act around you then they are definitely showing you that they want to be closer.

My ex contacts me out of the blue

If your ex contacts you for no particular reason, or simply to find out how you are doing then you are definitely on their mind. This is good if you really want to get back together again.

If they didn’t think about you, or didn’t care about you anymore, then contacting you wouldn’t even cross their mind.

My ex is inquisitive about me

Once again this is done in an indirect way through friends and family. Primarily they are trying to find out if you are dating anyone new. It’s not very subtle because their questions will always get back to you. Of course they are relying on this and are waiting to see what your reaction will be. It’s a sure sign that you are on their mind and looking for an opportunity to start things up again.

My ex is looking better than ever

If your ex is making an effort to look well it can be a good sign. But is it for your attention or someone else? It all depends on whether they are trying to make it obvious to you or not. It’s a difficult one to judge with any degree of certainty and is usually only of importance if more of these signs are present as well.

Another clue is if they are trying to impress you in other ways too. Looking after their appearance on it’s own is nothing definite, they may just be trying to make themselves feel better.

My ex is attentive to me

If you’re in company and your ex is present, if they hang on your every word or show you undivided attention then they are telling you that they want you back big time. The only thing they are short of doing is asking you outright. Probably for fear of rejection or blowing their one opportunity of rekindling things with you.

Show the same undivided attention back to your ex and if they do want you back it’s a given.

These Signs Your Ex Wants You Back Explained

This is really a judgement call, you know your ex better than anyone. But broadly speaking, the more of these signs you can spot the better. One sign on its own can be positive and show that your ex is still interested in you, but two, three, or even more makes it much more definite.

But why rely on catching your ex signaling to you? Why not take the initiative …

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