Survive A Boyfriend Breakup

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How To Survive A Breakup With Your Boyfriend

survive a boyfriend breakup

Breakups can leave you feeling very lonely and dejected, especially if the breakup was unwanted. Did you see it coming… or did it take you completely by surprise?

Is he with someone else?

If you know exactly what caused the breakup then you’ll be able to judge for yourself whether you stand a good chance of getting him back again or not.

Don’t be put off trying to rescue your breakup if your ex is with someone new. That doesn’t make reuniting with him impossible, just different tactics.

In any event, surviving a breakup with your boyfriend isn’t up to him, it’s up to you…

Was it your boyfriend that broke up with you?

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Are you feeling hurt, disappointed, lonely?

Do you know what caused your boyfriend to breakup with you?

Do you miss your ex boyfriend and want him back ?

Do you still love him?

Coping With Your Breakup

First of all, don’t rush into doing anything straight away. Let things settle down a wee bit and use this time to have a look at yourself and where you are in your life.

That’s not a cue to analyze yourself, there is nothing wrong with you. It’s simply common, after you’ve been dumped, to blame yourself. Instead, concentrate ON yourself, maybe a little bit of pampering is in order.

It is important at this time that you feel good about yourself, be confident and try and regain your composure and some measure of control over your emotions.

Being able to think clearly is really important. Decisions about your relationship should be put to one side until you can manage this. It’s too easy to make a bad decision just now, you don’t want to regret it at a later stage.

Actually, your decisions are simple enough, there is only a choice of two. Do you want to get your ex boyfriend back? Or, do you want to move on and say goodbye to your former relationship.

If you decide to move on, then just be careful not to jump into another relationship too soon. Your judgment is likely to be impaired at the moment, and your choices are likely to be affected in unpredictable ways. You have to get your previous relationship and boyfriend out of your system first.

It’s okay to go out and enjoy yourself, even to go out on a date is alright, just don’t be too quick to turn a date into something any heavier until you really know what you are doing.

If you decide that you want to get your ex boyfriend back again, then this time that you are giving yourself will stand in your favor. It will allow time for all the emotions of the breakup to subside and let any bitterness to be forgotten.

This is when a confident and happy person, namely you, can put some effort into getting your ex back. Confidence and happiness are the key features here, try and be fun to be with, especially if your ex boyfriend is around. Remind him of how you were when you first went out together.

That doesn’t mean that you should pester your ex with constant texting or the like, you have to be a little bit aloof and make him come to you.

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How To Survive A Boyfriend Breakup

It hurts a lot after a boyfriend break up, but that doesn’t have to be the end of it. You can even look on it as a good thing, because it means that you are now free to meet your true love if that is what you decide.

On the other hand, if you do get your ex boyfriend back and fix your relationship, there is a good chance that you will end up in a stronger and more loving relationship, all because of the breakup. True love can even survive a boyfriend breakup if it’s handled correctly…

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P.S. If you think relationship counseling might help, then try Counseling Services.

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