The Always Arguing Relationship Breakup

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The Relationship Breakup Caused By Arguments

Always arguing, then making up or breaking up?

Always arguing is a common reason for relationship breakups, but your breakup needn’t be terminal. Although differences of opinion are normal and healthy in adult relationships, some couples take this to extremes.

We all know a couple that constantly argue and bicker with each other, they have probably split up a few times and got back together again each time. Somehow, these relationships very often last in the long run.

Their arguments are usually over trivial things that don’t really matter much. Arguing, in their case, has simply become a habit, a method of communicating with each other, you could almost describe it as recreational arguing.

This type of arguing is fairly non-destructive to their relationship, it’s the couples who have more meaningful and more aggressive arguments, probably better described as fights, that we’ll be discussing here because these are more destructive and the breakup is often permanent.

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Relationship Reality

We might wish for an ideal relationship and for our partner to be perfect in every way, fulfilling all our needs and desires. We might wish for it but it would be unreasonable to expect that such a person actually exists.

Anyway, if your partner was truly like that wouldn’t you just get bored with them? The truth is that we all need a challenge, not just with our partner, but in every area of our lives that we need to be interesting. . . Perfection isn’t interesting.

That is where the real difference lies in a relationship that is slowly being destroyed because of arguments and fights. These conflicts are not generating any interest, they are not even finding any kind of resolution. They never end.

The problem is often caused by stress, for example a lack of money, work worries, family issues, and they are not being dealt with effectively. This stress leads to arguments.

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Arguing or Fighting?

The arguments themselves are not the problem, it’s how they are conducted. At the end of the day, it’s a lack of true communication. When a couple talk ‘at’ each other instead of ‘to’ each other, it is always a source of conflict.

Being too intent in getting your own point of view across without any regard for what the other is saying is not communication. This is an argument with no end in sight.

One argument like this is a cause for concern in any relationship, but when almost every discussion ends up in one of these type of arguments, then the relationship breakup is inevitable.

What can be done to save an always arguing relationship from breaking up?

Help In Dealing With Arguments

This is an ideal relationship to benefit from couple counselling. Relationship counselors are professionally trained experts and they really excel at getting couples talking effectively again.

They will sit down with you both and mediate in a way that will bring about constructive conversation and will get to the real root of your relationship problems without it becoming heated.

You will be treated in a strictly confidential and non-judgmental fashion.

Thousands of couples each day benefit from seeking help with a relationship counselor. There is an endless list of relationship problems that couple counselors can help you with, they are not restricted to simply helping with argument issues.

Even if you have already gone through your breakup, they can help you get your ex back and fix your relationship.

So, whatever your problem is, from the always arguing relationship breakup to advice for getting back together after an affair, seeking the help of a relationship counselor can be the answer.

Stop The Always Arguing Without A Counselor

But, counselors are not for everyone. A lot of couples are too uncomfortable baring their soul in front of strangers. They prefer to work through problems on their own.

This is where buying a DIY solution is preferred. . .

There are many of them out there, some better than others and it can be difficult making an informed choice. . . so, for what it’s worth, this is the one I prefer, mainly because it works and has a high success rate.

I hope this has helped you on your way to a successful conclusion.

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