The Breakup And How To Reverse It

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The Breakup

the breakup and how to reverse it

Breakups are usually seen as catastrophic to any relationship, but although this is sometimes true, the breakup can actually help a relationship, draw you closer together and even make your relationship stronger in the process. . .

. . .But, this only happens when you get back together with your ex the right way. That means using psychological triggers.

If you know what caused the breakup, well and good, you’ve a good head start on knowing exactly what you have to do to fix your breakup and get back together again.

On the other hand, if you don’t know what caused the breakup then you’re going to have to find out because there’s no point in getting back together just to breakup again.

The reason for your breakup has come between you both and until you can remove the problem it will keep you apart.

Some breakups are obvious. You know they’re about to happen. You can feel your partner pulling away, becoming more distant.

This often sets the alarm bells ringing and can invoke panic if you let it. But this is not the time to panic, you’ll need a clear head.

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Other breakups seem to happen out of the blue. They sneak up on you and take you completely by surprise. This leaves you feeling bewildered and confused. You’re left wondering, “What just happened?” Once the shock wears off, the pain starts.

The loneliness. The feeling you’ve suddenly got no future as everything gets put on hold, all your plans and all the things you took for granted.

Most often, this leads to panic. But this is not the time to panic, you’ll need a clear head.

Perhaps the decision to breakup was yours. Now you regret your actions, you acted too hastily, didn’t think things through properly. It was the jealousy talking. It was your stubborn streak talking. It was the drink talking.

Whatever was doing the talking, it wasn’t you, you didn’t mean those things. Then you’re asking yourself, “What have I done?” And you panic. But this is not the time to panic, you’ll need a clear head.

How To Reverse Your Breakup

If you really want to deal with your breakup and how to reverse it, you’ll need to suppress all feelings of panic.

If you don’t, you’ll either wallow in self-pity and do absolutely nothing, or you’ll act instinctively and cause your ex to disappear into the distance never to be heard from again.

That’s because your instinct will make you act in the wrong way, it’ll make you do the wrong things.

Don’t chase your ex. We are animals, and when animals are chased, they run in the opposite direction. That may seem a bit simplistic to you, but it’s what happens none the less.

So if you want your ex back, don’t chase them away. Cut them loose and let them return to you of their own free will.

Which means, leave them alone. If you give them enough time and space, they’ll get over whatever the breakup was about.

Then they’ll be more inclined to miss you, and that’s what you want. Them to miss you as much as you miss them.

So leave them alone to lick their own wounds. Which means no contact with them. No text messages. No constant phone calls. No turning up at places you know they’ll be.

These actions will only irritate them and give them no time to realize that they really do miss you. Besides, it makes you look desperate, clingy and needy and you certainly don’t want that.

Of course, people don’t generally react the way you want them to. Humans are a bit more complicated than that. They may decide not to contact you out of fear or stubbornness.

They may just think you really don’t want them and so they try and move on.

This all means that they’ll need a push in the right direction. You want to make sure they miss you every bit as much as you miss them.

You want to be certain that they do indeed want to come back and rekindle your relationship .

In fact, you want them to chase you instead of you chasing them which means you want your ex to make the initial contact with you, and that it’ll be their idea to reverse the breakup and get you both back together again.

You need a plan… You need the methods… you need the tactics… you need the psychology. . .

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