Ways To Get Your Breakup Fixed

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ways to get your breakup fixed

Relationships seem to start up easily enough. After the initial get together bit it all becomes quite natural. It’s instinctive, you just know what to do, how and when to do it. Mostly, everything runs along smoothly.

That is… until the breakup happens.

There is nothing natural about it. Who knows instinctively how to handle a breakup. It doesn’t make a whole lot of difference whether we are the ones doing the breaking up or being dumped, it’s still uncharted territory for most couples.

Fixing a broken relationship

When it comes to getting your breakup fixed , most people go about it entirely the wrong way. In fact, it’s usually the opposite of what really works. Entirely different from when things were going smoothly. You’re intuition doesn’t work well at coming up with ways to get your breakup fixed.

Even if your ex wants to get back together with you, it’s possible to mess it up and drive them further away.

So, why is it that most people get this wrong?

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When everything is fine and life as a whole is treating you well, you have an internal view of yourself that is happy and confident. Your view of the world, in general, reflects what you think of yourself.

Then some traumatic event happens like your partner suddenly dumping you, or losing your job without warning…

…your internal view of yourself collapses. Your confidence takes a dive. You no longer see yourself in the same happy and confident manner.

You no longer have any control.

This is where most people panic and is why they get fixing their breakup so wrong.

You need to regain control again

In order to become confident again, you will need to realize that there are only two possible outcomes to your dilemma.

1) You get your ex back.

2) You move on and find someone else.

I know that it’s the second possibility that’s causing you all the pain, but think for a minute…

Is that option really so bad? Remember how you felt when you first got together with your ex. That felt good didn’t it? Would feeling like that again for someone else be good too?

A major part of any romantic relationship is attraction. Indeed, it’s attraction that kicks off most romantic encounters, and likewise, a breakup can be triggered when the attraction is no longer there.

Become that attractive person you were and you WILL find someone else.

Become that attractive person you were and you stand a good chance of getting your ex back.

So what exactly is there to be gloomy and depressed about?

Either way, it all sounds exciting. Rekindle your love… or get a new love!

So how do you become attractive to your ex again?

Be confident. Confidence inspires attraction. Conversely, a lack of confidence is unattractive.

So, remember your choices above?… Either way you win.., so be, look and act confident and happy.

That means…

Don’t even consider asking them to forgive you. They will do that automatically without you asking – if you let them come to that realization themselves.

Don’t even consider asking them to take you back. They will do that automatically without you asking – if you let them come to that realization themselves.

3 Ways To Get Your Breakup Fixed

What all this means is that there are two things you need to do to get your ex back:

1) Work on yourself, not your ex. You cannot change anyone else… only yourself. Leave your ex alone and become that happy confident person and enjoy your life, only good things will come of it.

2) Get a workable plan , a plan with tried and tested methods that you can put to work for you so that you can avoid doing all the things that will drive your ex off forever, and do all the right things that will have your ex asking YOU to come back.


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