When Fixing Your Breakup Is Not Working

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Why Do I Need A Plan To Get My Ex Back?

fixing your breakup

So, you’ve been trying to get your ex back and because you’ve found this site, I presume you’ve failed so far. It’s not an easy thing to do unless you know what you’re doing.

When fixing your breakup is not working, it might be a good idea to stand back and have a thorough look at what you’ve been doing up ’till now, all the failed things you’ve already tried.

They’re not working for you, so continuing the same tactics and methods are not going to change the outcome for you. You have to change your plan of attack.

Failing to get your ex back after a breakup is the usual outcome, most couples that try and reverse a breakup fail.

The reasons for this are many and varied, but the overwhelming majority of those that are unsuccessful owe their lack of success to two things.

They panic.

They have no plan to get their ex back.

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That’s why taking a step back and looking at what you’ve attempted so far can help you a lot. So what have you tried so far to fix your breakup?

Panic throws logic out the window, and most people panic in this situation. A breakup is an extremely emotional event and emotions and logic don’t work well together. So you have to try and look at your breakup in an unemotional, more logical, way.

Use Your Head Or Your Heart?

Fixing a broken relationship is more about using psychology than appealing to the heart.

The chances are that your response to your breakup, your ex and your attempts at reconciling with your ex has been very emotional. Perhaps begging and pleading for your ex to come back, or take you back, and is understandable.

But it’s a purely emotional response and guaranteed to almost never have any success.

Likewise, constantly saying how sorry you are is also emotional and if they don’t accept your apology the first time, they’re not likely to change their mind just because you keep repeating it.

If you want to fix your relationship and get your ex back, then stop doing all the things that haven’t been working for you. Remember the platitude above, they say that one sure sign of madness is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result… so stop.

Not only is it not working but your ex has no doubt got used to it by now, they expect it from you and because of this they’re ready for you.

They’re already prepared.

They know how to handle it.

So What Do I Do To Rescue Our Relationship?

Instead, do the opposite to what you’ve been doing. If you want to reverse your breakup you’re going to have to get the attention of your ex… in the right way.

You want them to be thinking about you.

By doing the opposite to what they’ve come to expect, you’ll make them wonder, they won’t be prepared and will have to put some thought into it, in other words, they’ll be thinking about you.

So if you’ve been harassing them, stop. Leave them alone. On the other hand, if you’ve been leaving them alone then start being more proactive and start contacting them again.

Just remember, doing nothing will most likely get a corresponding result… nothing will change.

But… whatever you do… always be pleasant.

Make Fixing Your Breakup Work

Make up your mind that fights and arguments are out of the question. If fixing your relationship is not working then try being happy, confident and fun, in other words, attractive. And if you need to put a working plan together, one that’s proven to work, then read this page

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