Why Does My Ex Not Seem To Miss Me?

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Does My Ex Even Miss Me A Little?

why does my ex not seem to miss me

Sometimes the thing that hurts the most is thinking that “My ex doesn’t even miss me.”

After all it can certainly seem that way, sometimes, can’t it?

They carry on with life, seemingly so happy.

Maybe they’ve hopped right into a rebound relationship.

Perhaps they’re flooding Facebook with all sorts of photos of their wonderful life.

Maybe they just don’t seem to even feel one fraction of the agony, pain, and loss that you do.

It really makes you wonder. . .

“Does My Ex Even Miss Me at All?”

Today, I’m going to answer that for you.

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The short answer is that, yes, they very much miss you.

After all, the two of you shared so many memories together, right?

Maybe it was big things, like moving to a new city together or traveling the world together.

Maybe it was small things, like staying up all night talking about anything and everything for hours or sharing an inside joke that left you both laughing so hard tears were running down your faces.

Sometimes it’s the smaller things that you miss the most, isn’t it?

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And I can tell you. . .

. . .Your Ex Feels the Same Way.

They miss all of that stuff too.

Oh, they miss you so much more than they’re letting on.

Maybe you can’t tell how much they miss you because they put on a strong front.

So you don’t have to ask “Do they miss me?” You can be assured. . . THEY MISS YOU.

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Is Your Ex Hiding Their True Feelings?

Maybe they’re hiding their true feelings, though.

Maybe they’re distracting themselves from the pain by looking toward something new, whether that’s a new hobby, and new friendship, or even a rebound relationship.

The truth is that facing how they really feel would hurt them just as much as you’re hurting. . .

. . .Maybe even more.

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That’s why they have to put on a strong face for the world around them, just like you do.

That’s why they feel the need to numb that pain with a distraction.

That’s why they might be afraid to talk to you or share their feelings about your breakup.

Getting Your Ex to Share Their Feelings

If you want to get your ex to stop putting on this “tough” act, here’s what you need to know.

You’ve got to connect with them first and get them feeling comfortable around you.

They probably don’t feel 100% comfortable around you right now.

Maybe they’re worried about things still being sensitive.

Maybe they’re worried about giving you too much hope too soon.

Maybe they’re worried about you trying to guilt them into getting back together.

In any case, you’ve got to get them to relax and feel comfortable around you first.

Once they start to feel comfortable around you, they’ll slowly open up.

Emphasis on the world “slowly” here.

You don’t want to move too fast or else you might scare them off and they’ll raise their walls again.

This takes a lot of patience and emotional understanding.

I know this can be complex and very delicate.

Here’s what I can promise you though. . .

. . .No matter how hard or stony your ex might seem right now, they miss you.

In fact they miss you a lot.

They are probably aching to share how they’re feeling with you.

But they have their own reservations about opening up to you.

Are you going to make things easy for them or hard for them?

Keep that in mind when you’re interacting with your ex.

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Getting back with your ex doesn't have to be difficult!