Why Does My Ex Reminisce With Me?

Memories are what relationships are made of. At least partly. And they turn out to be useful for all sorts of things. . .

Remember that time, before our breakup, when…?

Why does my ex reminisce with me? Well, I was just thinking of the song “Memories Are Made Of This,” but being a love song it concentrates entirely on the good and wonderful memories. Life, on the other hand, isn’t quite so ideal.

You get a whole lot of bad memories to accompany the good ones.

No doubt your breakup ranks high on the list of bad memories. If not for you… then it might just be top of the list for your ex.

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So, is digging up past memories good… or bad, and why would your ex be doing this anyway?

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What Was Your Breakup Like?

Surprisingly, a lot of breakups are temporary and there can be lots of reasons as to why this temporary breakup happened. Usually it’s because someone in the relationship was feeling frustrated.

The frustration itself can be caused by a number of things, perhaps it is a sexual frustration that they just can’t get past, but normally it’s because they are simply not being heard.

This type of breakup does not mean that the love has gone, but when the love of your life doesn’t take you seriously enough to pay attention to what matters to you, then resentment and frustration can become too much.

In a last ditch attempt to show just how serious and important their particular aggravation is to them, they take the huge step of breaking up.

This, of course, is not the only possibility for your breakup, simply an example.

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Okay, why does my ex reminisce with me, is it good or bad?

So, onto answering your question. . . . . . why does my ex reminisce with me? Click To Tweet

. . . Well, you may not believe me but, there are most likely only two reasons.

  1. Your ex is trying to remind you of why the breakup had to happen.
  2. Your ex is trying to remind you of why you were together in the first place.

And it all depends on what they are remembering.

To help you understand the difference, when someone is reminding you about the bad or awkward times you spent together, it’s a fair bet that they are reminding you why your relationship broke up, and they’re trying to reinforce it. The bad recollections.

In other words, they are letting you know there is little chance of you both getting back together again.

However, they are doing it in a nice way, without conflict, blame or arguing. So they are also saying that remaining friends is okay, just nothing more than that.

On the other hand, if they are reminiscing with you about the good times you spent together, either alone or with friends and family, then that’s a clear sign they are trying to rekindle the same feelings in you that you had at those particular times. The good recollections.

But how can you be certain of their intentions?

Well… that turns out to be fairly straight forward.

When someone is interested in you they’ll give off lots of signals, In this article I’ve put together 24 signs your ex wants you back.

The point is that, if your ex is reminiscing with you because they really desire you and want to get you back into a meaningful relationship, then they’ll be giving off body language signals as well as just sharing memories.

Whereas someone who is just trying to set the boundaries will not be giving off any of these other signs.

So, remember your breakup? Is your ex using memories to get you back -or – can you use your memories together to your own advantage?

I hope this has helped answer your question, “why does my ex reminisce with me?” And if you secretly want to get your ex back, you don’t have to wait for them to decide. . . try refreshing all those old feelings, their love, desire and passion for you that they used to have. . .

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